Know your rights

Whether you elect to stay with Original Medicare or elect a Medicare Advantage Plan, you have rights as well as certain protections. All Medicare recipients have the right to:


  • Always be treated with dignity and respect

  • Be shield from discrimination

  • Maintain health and personal information private

  • Obtain information from Medicare, health care providers, and Medicare doctors in the language of choice.

  • Get answers to your Medicare related questions

  • Being able to access doctors, , specialists, hospitals, and other health care providers

  • Know of treatment options delivered in clear language that is easily understood, and partake in treatment choices

  • Receive emergency Medicare covered treatment when needed

  • Have issues resolved promptly (prescription drugs, payments, covered services)

  • Challenge decisions and request a review on issues dealing with payments, prescription drug coverage, and covered services.

  • File complaints, also known as “grievances”.