SNP (Special Needs Plan)

SNP plans work with provider networks and services must be obtained from doctors, and providers in the plan’s network. You must, generally, select a primary care doctor and obtain a referral to see a specialist. Certain services, like yearly screening mammograms, don’t require a referral. Check with the plan for more information.


SNPs are required to include Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D).


SNP plans are not available to every Medicare recipient. Instead, SNPs are limited to: 1) people who live in certain facilities, like nursing homes, and/or need nursing care at home, 2) individuals who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, 3) folks with specific disabling or chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS, dementia, diabetes, chronic heart failure, or End-Stage Renal Disease. Plans are responsible for the coordination of the services and the providers you need to help you stay healthy.