Part B (Medical Insurance)

Cardiovascular diseases and screenings

Cardiovascular screenings help detect conditions that may lead to a heart attack or stroke. If your doctor or other qualified health care provider accepts assignment, you will pay nothing for this screening. These screenings are designed to test your triglyceride, lipid, lipoprotein, and cholesterol levels.


Cervical and vaginal cancer screenings

Pat tests, pelvic exams, and clinical breast exams are cover under Medicare Part B. These tests are designed to check for vaginal, cervical, and breast cancer. For high risk women, these tests are covered once every 12 months; for women who are not at high risk, Medicare will cover these exams once every 24 months.



Medicare Part B covers chemotherapy for people with cancer.  The coverage amounts may differ if the chemotherapy is received in a hospital in an inpatient setting.


Chiropractic Services

Medicare Part B offers limited coverage for chiropractic services. Services must be medically necessary.  Services ordered by chiropractor such as X-rays, massage therapy, and others are not covered by Medicare.


Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions like arthritis, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, osteoporosis and others may be covered by Medicare Part B.