Medicare Summary Notice

The Medicare Summary Notice (MSN)is a notice which lists all the services billed to Medicare. It also shows what Medicare paid your providers, and what you may still owe. The MSN is mailed out every 90 days if you obtain services and/or medical supplies.  One important fact to know is that the MSN is not a bill. It is for your review to be sure that you received the services, supplies, and/or equipment listed. If you ever notice any discrepancies between what Medicare was billed for and what you actually received, contact your provider and ask for an itemized list of services.  You may also contact Medicare at 1-800-633-4227.

Note: You will not receive an MSN if you did not receive any medical services or medical supplies in a three-month period.

See  or download a sample Medicare Summary Notice Part A here:

See or download a sample Medicare Summary Notice Part B here: