Cost Plan

This type of plan is available only in specific areas of the country. Important facts to know about Medicare Cost Plans:

  • It is not necessary to have Part A to join. You may enroll if you have Part B.

  • If you have Part A and Part B and go to a non-network provider, the services are covered under Original Medicare will cover services rendered by out of network providers if you have Parts A and B; you would be responsible for paying the coinsurance and deductibles.

  • If the plan is accepting new members, you can join.

  • You may return to Original Medicare at any time.

  • Under a Cost Plan, you decide where to obtain your prescription drug coverage. If the plan offers it, you may accept to obtain it through the plan, or you can enroll into a stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan.

  • Medicare prescription drug coverage can be added or dropped only during certain periods.